Sharp Edge Gallery

Hello and Welcome to the unusual small art Gallery ‘in the barn’!
If we’ve already met then I’d be really pleased to see you again, so please drop by for a ‘catchup’ and a cuppa.
If you’ve just found our site and us, then a warm greeting and yes if you feel like having a sit and a tea or coffee with us up at Goosewell Farm, then please we’d love to meet you.
(By the way the Gallery, albeit it small, is in a wonderful location with stunning views, just ‘down the road’ from the Castlerigg Stone Circle on the Threlkeld side; warning sat. nav. doesn’t bring you here!)
Sharp Edge Gallery started around 2004 founded by local artists as a co-operative for selling their artwork. Originally in Station Street, our last Keswick town location was on the main road by Greta Bridge, opposite the entrance to the Pencil Museum.  I became involved with the Gallery, taking it over, from 2009. 
Anyway being in town is expensive so we needed to move.  The more I thought about it, it seemed to me that it would be more constructive if I could source the art that my friends and clients were looking for, rather than simply displaying artwork that may or may not appeal. 
So the Gallery has moved to a small barn in a fantastic location, we have some art on display, pieces stored ready to show, plus we hope to have running on a screen other examples of artwork which we can then source for clients to view.


There is also this website, which I am working on to try and get as many examples of work upon as I can – this may take some time!
Antique and Vintage. Artwork together with old etchings are sometimes available.  These can be a cost effective way of building up your own art collection.
Commission work is also sourced.  If you have a favourite artist and a favourite location, then please ask me to see if I can arrange for you to ‘commission’ a piece of artwork especially for you. It’s a lovely thing to do for a wedding, or as a special anniversary present for example.
Framing: we work with a superb framer.  Work is collected Thursday and returned for the following Friday.
Printing: Mark Hewitt, our in house photographer can print photographs and some artwork up to A2 size.